Elevate Your Email Game in Laravel 10

Join us on a journey to unlock the secrets of secure email delivery in Laravel 10 with PHPMailer and Google OAuth 2.0 integration.

Step 1: Google Cloud Setup

Begin by configuring your Google Cloud Project. Learn how to enable the Gmail API for secure email transmission within your Laravel application.

Step 2: Crafting OAuth Consent

Craft the OAuth Consent Screen with essential details such as App Name and User Support Email. Publish your OAuth App for authentication.

Step 3: Creating OAuth Client ID

Create an OAuth Client ID to establish web application authentication. Add Authorized Redirect URIs for secure token retrieval.

Step 4: Laravel Configuration

Configure Laravel with PHPMailer and Google OAuth libraries. Update your .env file with Client ID and Client Secret.

Routes & Controllers in Laravel

Set up routes and controllers to handle token requests and email sending. Streamline your Laravel project for efficient communication.

Visual Guide on YouTube

Enhance your learning with our YouTube tutorial. Watch each step come to life for a deeper understanding.


You're now equipped to send emails securely from your Laravel application. Elevate your email game with PHPMailer and Google OAuth 2.0 integration.